Friday, December 9, 2011


The most expensive pigeon in the world was sold to a wealthy Chinese buyer, who shelled out $200,000 at a Belgium auction for a highly pedigreed racing pigeon.  Known as Blue Prince, this ‘designer’ pigeon seems a breed apart from the plump, trash-foraging birds commonly seen in urban parks.  Currently living out his retirement on a Chinese roof top,  Blue Prince is no longer expected to race, but was purchased to breed more speedy champions like himself.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This chimpanzee price ranges from $ 60,000 to 65 000 and this is most expensive animal. Chimpanzee is a monkey that relatively strong with a small body size. Live in the water around in the middle of West Africa. These animals find food during the day and often walk on the ground and sometimes climb trees to gather food.

python snake

Lavender Albino Python Female, the price of $ 20,000 for this one of the snake. It’s characterized by the type of snake is red eye and body color between two colors of lavender and yellow, this snake is very rare therefore,they are also very expensive.

Hyacinth macaws Bird

For this one bird named Hyacinth Macaw, the price from about $ 6,500 – 12,000 Almkao parrot price is very high and is characterized by the type of the parrots Walt painted blue color that tends to almost 40 inches long and along the panel wings about four meters, and is one of the animals most popular pets, although
the price is very expensive.

Crested China Balp Puppies Dog

most expensive, most expensive animal, most expensiveCrested China Balp Puppies Dog
For this one dog named bald China Crested Puppies with price about $ 4,000 up to $ 5,000. This animal is a type of the smallest and most expensive Puppies Dog . Crested China Balp Puppies Dog weight with only 10-13 pounds and up to 12 year age range.

Savannah cat

The price for this one cats is about $ 4,000 with named Savannah cat. This cats is resulted from the merger of this cat with the local cats and African Wildcat is the most endangered cat species. This Savannah cat  is most expensive in world.

Bengal cat

The price for this one animal that was named Bengal Cat is from about $ 800 up to $ 3,000. This cat is the result of a merger between the local cats and black-cats with short hair that’s called bengal tiger in Asia or associate with beauty spots. this rare breed has become the most expensive animal