Thursday, July 28, 2011

World’s Most Expensive Jacket

During an exhibition of the Graphic Design Museum in the Netherlands they show world’s most expensive jacket by Silke Wawro. The jacket consists of 7541 original labels from existing brands like Issey Miyake.
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The original price of the clothing with the labels equals $1026742,71. The designer wants to make a statement that clothing is about style and not high prices.
When the German designer Wawro was plucking labels he noticed that some expensive clothing come from the same Chinese factories as the clothing from budget brands like H&M.
It could be that people buy overpriced clothing for the brand and for the excitement. With this jacket the designer wants to make a statement about the irrational brand beliefs.
Do you agree that people are thriven by brands and the feeling when buying something luxurious?


  1. Thriven? Driven maybe. Depends what you're buying. I don't think Ranulf Fiennes would be wise to shop at H&M.

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